Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
On the following links you will find your other Youtube-Video about the Amiga, which were released in the last days:

Insane - Vedder 40 Birthro - Amiga Intro

Revival 2017 - Retro Gaming Show Report & Pickups

I went to the amazing Revival 2017 retro gaming event in Walsall. The legendary Dave Perry from Games Master was on stage, there were loads of incredible systems.

Here's my show report and gaming pickups.

Nostalgia time Amiga - Tearaway Thomas

Today we have Tuesdays 'Nostalgia Time', since I was away and posted The Onkyo Tape deck recapping on Tuesday instead.I play the game 'Tearaway Thomas on the Commodore Amiga 1200 using WHDLoad.

Nostalgia Time Amiga - Superfrog World 3 - Fun Park

Back to the normal "Schedule" )) Today's nostalgia time is a playthrough of Superfrog by Team 17. today I play World 3 fun Park. Superfrog is another one of my childhood favourites.
I have split the gameplay into different parts, each part will be a world and will be playing to the end and showing it in a series of videos rather than one enormous longplay. However as usual I will alternate between my personal plays and subscriber requests. So one week you will see my playthrough of a Superfrog world, and the following week you will see one of your requested games, and again the next Superfrog world playthrough the following week and so fourth.
I play Superfrog on the commodore Amiga A1200 using WHDLoad.

Nostalgia Time Amiga - International Amiga Day Special

Todays nostalgia time is a special for International Amiga Day which was 31st May. Featuring 'The Guru Meditation'. We chillout with two of the games requested by Amiga Bill (Bill Winters).
Barbarian by Psygnosis and Marble Madness.

I also show you clips of the live stream which was happening on international Amiga day, but also the second live stream happening of the Amiga group Party thrown by on Saturday 3rd June, which happens twice a year.

Amiga A590 Hard Drive Plus

A590 Hard Drive - A look inside and installation of Workbench 1.3 and upgrade to Workbench 2.05.
06/06/2017 - Latest Amiga News

Games competition: Winners of AmiGameJam 2016 announced

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM

o1i write:

30.05.2017 - 06.05.2017

- m68k ata fixing/debugging continues (twilen)
- prevent possible access fault in internal loadseg (twilen)
- FastATA class (kalamatee)
- Apollo Core detection improvements (mness)
06/05/2017 - news

Ordered one of these yesterday. Just couldn't make myself pay fleabay extortion prices for the Buddha Flash IDE. Glad to have heard about this new solution: Image:


Morphoza by encore

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM

Amigos Amiga Podcast release follow new Videos:

A Tour of CORGS-CON 2017 - Columbus Ohio Retro Gaming Society Con

Amigos: Everything Amiga Episode 97 - B.C. Kid

Port Comparison: Flying Shark