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New article from today. Or is it the same school as last time? If so they are going to be able to afford a new system soon!

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM

On the Amiga32 also the current development status of the upcoming MorphOS 3.10 was shown.
Since the release of the MorphOS Software Development Kit 3.10 in June 2016, there have been some changes in the development team. Afterwards, many advances of the upcoming version 3.10 were rejected and partially completely revised or even replaced.

The version presented on the Amiga32 was already very advanced and showed a new modern interface, which was very well received by the trade fair visitors. MorphOS 3.10 will come with a new calendaring feature, an onscreen keyboard, and countless improvements and bug fixes.

A USB audio mixing console on an AmigaOne X5000 with MorphOS was also demonstrated. The operating system ran on a Amiga 4000 and Amiga 1200, both equipped with (no longer commercially available) PPC cards.

Guido Mersmann did not want to name a fixed release date on demand, but it should not take much longer.

Amiga32 Homepage:
MophOS Homepage:

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM

Rather inconspicuous was the exhibition stand of Hyperion Entertainment.
But exciting news were announced at the Amiga32.
Probably they are working since some months behind closed doors on an update for the Workbench 3.1. in the development of the operating system for classic Amiga rests with Thomas Richter and Olaf Barthel.

The announced innovations include, for example:
- FastFileSystem with native 64-Bit support (NSD, TD64, DirectSCSI), etc.
- CrossDos with native 64-Bit support (NSD, TD64, DirectSCSI), new mfm.device
- Support for big size storage media, as well resizing of partitions
- Format, DiskCopy and HDToolBox with native 64 Bit support
- Support for long filenames
- Math Librarys with automatic FPU detection
- Improved and extended shell
- Improvements and fixes for SetPatch, Workbench, Installer, audio.device, scsi.device, etc.

The work is not finished yet. forther information will follow later.

Forthermore we were able to have a first look at IBrowse 2.5 at the exhibition stand of Hyperion.
After many years of stagnation, the odds seem to be good that the web browser will soon be officially available again.

The innovations compared to the previous version 2.4 should u.a. be the following:

- Native version for AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition next to AmigaOS 3.x)
- support for AmiSSL v4
- support for MUI 3.8, 3.9 (recommended minimum), 4.0 and 5.0
- Improved display of alpha channel images on> 15-bit screens
- Download files with more than 2 GB (AmigaOS 4)
- support for OpenSearch
- Improved engines for JavaScript, HTML, HTTP
- Cookie support
- Improvements to Password Manager, Image Decoder, Storage Management

The announcement includes many more improvements and bug fixes.

A release date is not known yet.

Amiga32 Homepage:
Hyperion Homepage:
iBrowse Developers page:

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM

The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga magazine Obligement ( ) during the last two months:

- September/October 2017 news.
- Old articles from Tilt 104 to 108 : Report: Supergames Show 1992, Review of Campaign, Review of Flashback, Review of Road Rash, News:: Ocean, ça déménage, Interview with Eric Chahi, Comparative: Amiga 4000 vs Falcon 030, Review of The Manager, News: What's new on CDTV?, Report: Siggraph 92, Review of BAT 2, Report: Foire de Paris 1992, Interview with Jordan Mechner, Review of Jaguar XJ220, etc.
- Interview with Zaher Sai (Amiga user from Syria).
- Interview with Artur Jarosik (developper of NetSurf).
- Review: Beneath A Steal Sky.
- Review: C64 Forever 7.
- Review: Slarti.
- File: Classic Reflections - Whatever happened to Micro-Systems Software?
- File: Behind the scenes, developpment of Traps 'n 'Treasures.
- Tutorial: Installation of Linux Ubuntu on AmigaOne X5000.
- Point of view: Behin the scenes, developpment of the Amiga 3000+.
- Point of view : First steps of a MorphOS user on AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition.
- Special quizz about the Kickstarts.

Article in english :

- Review of Beneath A Steel Sky.

Rendez-vous on for this nice reading.
All translations are welcome. Please contact David "Daff" Brunet for more info.

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Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM

Amiga Future: New full versions online

The download area of the Amiga Future was updated today. So, you can now find the following full versions online:


An overview of the recent uploads and changes to the download database of Amiga Future is also available from this link:

Of course we also want to be able to offer you many more full versions online, but to be able to achieve this, for you, we need your help, so ...

We are on the lookout for the Copyright holders for Amiga games and applications.
Do you know of any such person or can you actively help us in our search?
If so, then please contact us by email.

We are looking for extra support in order to revise the full versions download area of the Amiga Future webpage.
In particular, to check whether all those full versions formats (ADF, IPF, WHDLoad, AGA, CD releases, etc.) are complete.
In addition, a short description, in 2 sentences or less, about each of their system requirements and some screenshots need to be created.
If you want to help us, then please send us an email.

Amiga Future 129 Member-Preview online

From today and applying to all Amiga Future 1-Year-Subscribers you can find in the Member's Part of the Webpage the online Preview and Reading try-outs of Amiga Future magazine - Issue 129.

Amiga Future 129 Member-CD-Cover online

From today, and available online to all Amiga Future 1-Year-Subscribers, in the Member-Part of the Webpage are the CD Covers of Amiga Future magazine - Issue 129, so you can download them, and print them out if you wish to save you from cutting out those pages from our beloved magazine.

Amiga Joker Poster

Match the Amiga Joker edition, which will be released at the Amiga32 and can be pre-ordered in our Onlineshop, there will be an Din-A1 Amiga Joker poster on the Amiga32 at our staexhibition stand.nd.

2-3 days after the event, the poster will also be available in our Onlineshop.

Note to the Preorder of the Amiga Joker: The edition is limited. So it can be that the preorder is interrupted before the Amiga32.
After the event the rest of the booklets will be offered in our Onlineshop.

For the same reason, the Amiga Joker Poster will not be available before the Amiga32 in our onlineshop.

The Amiga Future magazine - Issue 129 preview is now available to view online

This is the full colour preview and excerpts of the Amiga Future issue 129 (November/December 2017) can now be viewed online on the Amiga Future website.

Some of the interesting articles in this issue are:

Preview Reshoot R
Review Hermes
Interview Ben Hermans

Of course there's so MUCH more actually in the magazine.

Needless to say you often get other versions of software, often what was commercially available, as well as some of the latest try-outs or freely released software applications and games for, hopefully, all of the Amiga type Operating systems, so that's Amiga 'Classic', OS4, MorphOS, and AROS, including some PD software for these systems, all on the Readers' cover CD.

A detailed description of content and excerpts of this current issue can be found at:

The Amiga Future magazine is available as an English and German printed magazine - every issue is available in FULL COLOUR - directly available from the magazine editorial office and also from various other Amiga dealers.


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Redboard mouse pad available

Up from today the Redboard mouse pad is available in the onlineshop of APC&TCP.

Of course, we will have the Redboard Mouse Pad as well as the Amiga Joker Poster and Amiga Family Big Poster with us on the Amiga 32.

German version of Flight of the Amazon Queen released PRESENTS an Interactive Binary Illusions PRODUCTION

After 22 years, the German version of "Flight of the Amazon Queen" for Amiga computer has been released!

"Flug der Amazon Queen" takes you with Faye Russel and Sparky into Amazon jungle to solve puzzles, rescue Princess Azura and prevent Dr. Iron stone from creating a dinosaurs army.

Not only the dialogs were taken from the DOS version, but also eliminated incorrect translations, typing errors as well as unsightly formulations of the DOS version and also almost all English texts in the pictures were changed to German.

"Flug der Amazon Queen" is available on the Internet presence of Amiga Future

APC&TCP at the Amiga32 in Neuss

Also this time APC & TCP with the Amiga Future will be on the Amiga32 in Neuss again.

Exclusively, the official Amiga Joker poster will be available on the APC & TCP stand.
Also the new Amiga Family and Redboard mousepads.
The new A1k-stickers are reserved for the guests of the alternative Aftershow Party.
On special request we also have a few double AO Family posters.
Note: The poster will be delivered without packaging.

Of course, we also have some Amiga Future magazines for special price and some quite interesting subscription premiums.

Just have a look.

Due to the fair appearance, we can not answer e-mails for one day.
Orders from the Onlineshop are all processed in the first week of November.

The Amiga Joker Preorders from our Onlineshop, which have been paid until today, will be sent out on next Monday.

All other Amiga Joker orders some days later.

Amiga Future: cheats database Update

The cheats database of Amiga Future is updates weekly by David Jahn, even at first sight if it is not immediately apparent.

The cheat database on the Amiga Future webpage is probably the biggest German collection for the Amiga.

This is not just about cheats. Many solutions, tips and tricks, as well as Freezer addresses can be found in this collection.

Meanwhile you can find more as 3400 Games Cheats and solutions in the database, and there is always more.

The database is currently completely in German. If we receive enough donations for the website, we have planned to integrate a proper online database, which will also be available in English.

Since our last report the following Updates have been added:

27.10.2017 - Ziriax - Freezer NEU!
27.10.2017 - King of the Barbarians - Freezer NEU!
27.10.2017 - Gribbit - Freezer NEU!
27.10.2017 - Yolanda - Freezer NEU!
27.10.2017 - Robin Heed - Freezer NEU!
20.10.2017 - Jungle Jim - Freezer NEU!
20.10.2017 - Grid Runner - Freezer NEU!
20.10.2017 - Voodoo Nightmare - Freezer NEU!
20.10.2017 - 9 Lives - Auf Funktion überprüft
20.10.2017 - Mighty BombJack - Freezer NEU!
13.10.2017 - Shadow Warriors - Freezer NEU!
13.10.2017 - Future Shock - Freezer NEU!
13.10.2017 - The Hunt for Red October - Freezer NEU!
13.10.2017 - Turn N' Burn - Freezer NEU!
13.10.2017 - Zarathrusta - Freezer NEU!
06.10.2017 - Pang - Auf Funktion überprüft
06.10.2017 - Badlands - Freezer NEU!
06.10.2017 - Super C - Freezer NEU!
06.10.2017 - Predator 2 - Freezer NEU!
06.10.2017 - Escape from Colditz - Freezer NEU!
29.09.2017 - Captive - Freezer NEU!
29.09.2017 - Creepy - Freezer NEU!
29.09.2017 - Insects in Space - Freezer NEU!
29.09.2017 - Exterminator - Freezer NEU!
29.09.2017 - NARC - Freezer NEU!
22.09.2017 - Pac-Land - Freezer NEU!
22.09.2017 - Super Hang-On - Auf Funktion überprüft
22.09.2017 - DO! Run Run - Freezer NEU!
22.09.2017 - Soldier Of Light (Xain'd Sleena) - Freezer NEU!
22.09.2017 - Vaxine - Freezer NEU!
15.09.2017 - Kamikaze - Freezer NEU!
15.09.2017 - Puzznic - Freezer NEU!
15.09.2017 - James Pond - Underwater Agent - Auf Funktion überprüft
15.09.2017 - Insects in Space - Freezer NEU!
15.09.2017 - Pang - Freezer NEU!
08.09.2017 - Line of Fire - Freezer NEU!
08.09.2017 - 5th Gear - Auf Funktion überprüft
08.09.2017 - 4x4 Off-Road Racing - Auf Funktion überprüft
08.09.2017 - 1000cc Turbo - Auf Funktion überprüft
08.09.2017 - 1000 Miglia: 1927-1933 Volume 1 - Auf Funktion überprüft
01.09.2017 - Strider - Freezer NEU!
01.09.2017 - Pac-Mania - Freezer NEU!
01.09.2017 - Shadow Dancer - Freezer NEU!
01.09.2017 - Paperboy - Auf Funktion überprüft
01.09.2017 - Z-Out - Auf Funktion überprüft

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
The new Crash Course to Hollywood Programming tutorial gives you some understanding of Hollywood programming, and it should be easier to learn more about the language by yourself then. Hollywood is an easy, safe, and very well documented language, and thus also suitable for beginners.

The tutorial is available at the MorphOS Library and it covers topics from the basics to MUI programming through examples.