PortablE is a recreation of the AmigaE programming language, along with all the improvements I wanted. PortablE works on AROS, MOS, OS4, and even Windows to an extent! (It should also work on OS3, but compiling needs a powerful machine like WinUAE.)


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Those are some parts of Yerzmyey and Pinokio live gig at AmiResET 2015 party, from 21 November 2015 (Rzeszow).

Amiga 1200 with DigiBooster and Amiga 500 with Octamed were used.
Plus toy-keys and drums.
Sounds like fun.
[Submitted by abscess]

MorphOS Files latest uploads

Tool for localizing applications. Allows for keeping all translations in a single file called Catalog Script (*.cs). Features MUI graphical interface. Written by Guido "Geit" Mersmann.

MorphOS Files latest uploads

Automatically renames images using EXIF data. Written in Hollywood, requires MUI Royale plugin. Written by Urlich Beckers.

MorphOS Files latest uploads

DTP editor with text and vector graphics support. Imports MS Office 2003 documents, exports PDF, ODT, HTML, EPUB. Output to PostScript printers. Built-in FTP client. Written by Carsten Siegner.

MorphOS Files latest uploads

A joke application displaying MorphOS demo timeout requester simulation. Written by Grzegorz Kraszewski. Source code included.