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Author: HelmutH

24.04.2017 External FPGA AMIGA video adapter D520 (HDMI) from Schubert Hardware

In a week ago, Apex introduced this external FPGA AMIGA video adapter D520 (HDMI) from Schubert Hardware in the A1k Forum.
More information can be found under the link.

Data for the video adapter:
- 50/60Hz
- PAL modes
- Electricity via Amiga
- Firmware update via Amiga
- HDMI sound
- possibly Scanlines, developer is open for further ideas.
- Planned UK approx. 180 Euro in ALU housing
- ready-made hardware with CE, raw, etc.

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Author: HelmutH

24.04.2017 CD32 Expansion Slot from Retro 7-Bit

A first image for the CD32 expansion slot is shown on the Retro 7-Bit web page. The Riser card should soon be available.
04/24/2017 - news

Image: *RapaGUI*: the most popular Hollywood plugins: RapaGUI. RapaGUI is a *cross-platform GUI toolkit* that allows the creation of *native GUIs for AmigaOS (MUI), Windows, Linux (GTK),* *RapaGUI 1.1*: *Downoload*...

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Author: AndreasM
DiscreetFX is giving the Gift of 10 Viva Amiga Streaming Movies to Amiga fans

Do you want a chance to win Zach Weddington's Graphically Stunning Documentary Viva Amiga?

DiscreetFX is giving away ten Streaming versions of this excellent Amiga documentary on Amazon. This is not a rental, it's a film to own forever for your Amazon Film Library. If you prefer Google Play, iTunes or Vimeo instead of Amazon that's fine, just let us know. We will not be giving this away on Microsoft TV but it is available there.

If you would like a chance to win this free movie gift please send an e-mail to discreetfx AT

Use the subject "I want to win Viva Amiga".
No purchase is required to win and please only enter once. Winners will be chosen at random using a random number generator application on AmigaOS.

If you want a chance to win you must enter by June 30th, 2017. Viva Amiga received 5 stars on iTunes, 4.5 stars on Google Play and 81% on Rotten Tomatoes. They should have given it 100%. Many people on IMDb gave the movie 9/10 and 10/10. If you win please enjoy this free gift from DiscreetFX. Thanks Zach for telling this compelling and dramatic story including the birth and ongoing saga about the Amiga computer. All Documentary fans and Amiga fans will love this film.




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Author: AndreasM
MangaClub write on

Every owner of this nice piece of Hardware should listen up now!

The Catweasel Z-II "S-Class" got a new Updated FlashROM Available.
But at fist some Backgroundstory

I had to replace the Flash ROM on the Card because mine got broken and i always needed to rely on a LOADIDE command i had to load via Bootdisk to load the Expansion driver (catweaselide) resident into memory to Enable Autoboot Capabilities.

This always required a one timerestart. Replacing the Flashrom on the card with a nessesarily same AMD flash chip as there was before allowed me to flash the buddha back to its sense... But wait! It doesnt really work.. my CF card wont get recognised... my old CF just a bit.. Everything does not work out as expected!

So i started wo wonder what might happend there since i downloaded the very last EB_Final archive from the Individual Wiki. (Booting up with my startdisk worked like a charm afterall)

I started to dig around and i noticed that the scsi version of the "catweaselide" driver i use on the Autoboot disk is much newer than the one that is located n the catwesel.rom file delivered with the eb_final archive. Infact it has been updated 10 years later! (Catweasel_IDE 103.19 (19.01.2010)...written by Oliver Kastl)

So what i did is some Simple Hexediting to Update the scsi.device located in the old rom with the one from the expansion driver and flash it back. It worked out like a charm! All CF cards get recognised now and it is super stable!
Although i have NO idea where i got this updated expansion driver from i am happy i found it and clould flash it back.

Therefore i attach those 2 Files here on the Post to make it Available for everyone else.

I take no responsibility it works for you and that you brick your card! Always test the Catweasel2017.rom File before hand on Winuae (it can emulate a Zclass) and your Compact Flash OR get yourself LoadIDE from the Idefix archive and softflash your amiga with the "catweaselide" file to see if it works for you. Just then considder reflashing the Buddha!

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Author: AndreasM
eNewsReader is a ground-breaking program for AmigaOS4, which allows you to easily keep track of tens (or even hundreds!) of news sources. You no-longer need to visit many websites every day or week, on the off-chance there might be something new. And by centralising all your news sources in one place, you will save masses of time, so it's great for people with busy lives. I created eNewsReader because of my frustration at how bad existing news readers were (such as Feedly & Digg Reader, never mind Facebook & Twitter themselves).