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A4000: Two projects for original motherboard remakes

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Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
On the following links you will find your other Youtube-Video about the Amiga, which were released in the last days:

Nostalgia Time Amiga - Kid Gloves

Today I play an Amiga game from my childhood, Kid Gloves. On the Commodore Amiga 1200 using WHDLoad.

Nostalgia Time Amiga & C64 - Menace

Today I play Menace by Psygnosis, a game from my childhood on both the Amiga and Commodore 64.

Shadow Of The Beast 2 (Amiga) - A Playguide and Review - by

Shadow Of The Beast 2 is a puzzle platformer from 1990, with slick scrolling and colourful backdrops, and lets not forget the music! I never got beyond the first few screens back in the day, how about you?

RetroDemoScene: Nah-Kolor - A Blood Moon - Amiga Demo - AGA (50 FPS)

Great AGA demo by Nah-kolor which was released at Revision 2018...

MsMadLemon: C64 Ultimate II+ part 4 - Floppy Disk and Tape backup and restoration

Part 4 is here! i explore backup and restoration of real floppy disks and cassette games using the 1541 Ultimate II+ Cartridge by Gideon's Logic Architectures.
Featured games are: The Bear Essentials and Arkanoid

11. Classic Videogames Convention - 07.April 2018

Ihr habt die 11. Classic Videogames Convention verpasst? Dann könnt ihr das jetzt nachholen! Nächste Convention am 13. Oktober 2018!

Head Over Heels (Amiga) - A Playguide and Review - by

Head Over Heels is a classic 3D game from the 8-bit era, which made it to the Amiga with minimal fuss in 1991. The graphics may look dated, but the gameplay remains intact. Lets check it out.

Dan Wood: MorphOS 3.10 Review - Amiga on PPC Mac - What's New?

MorphOS is an Amiga inspired operating system that runs on a variety of PowerPC platforms. I check out the new version 3.10, the first new release in 3 years and packed with new features.

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM

REV'n'GE! #85 released.

REV'n'GE! Is a fanzine that review games and apps on vintage platforms.

Among various reviews you can focus on:

* Silent Service II, an excellent marine simulation for Atari ST
* 3D Starstrike, a very good Star Wars clone



Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
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