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Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
Silk Dust, the third part of Davide Bucci's text adventure saga with and around Emilia Vittorini, has already been available for download for a little over a year. As with the successful predecessor "The Queens Footsteps", has now taken on the task of putting the exciting puzzler into an appropriate wrapper. The equipment is lush: In the sturdy cardboard box, which is adorned with a nicely drawn version of the cover picture, there is a colored manual, a poster, a micro-SD with ADFs of the Amiga version as well as the digital versions of the sheer countless versions for other systems from C64 to Apple II and last but not least a small compass in a jute bag.

Whoever has failed so far to ensure in the protagonist's skin that Princess Briccorosso survives the crossing to Cairo for the start of the Silk Road Rally unscathed together with her vehicle, should urgently set about unraveling the web of intrigue, sabotage and kidnapping that develops there - long hours full of always fair but quite demanding puzzles await! The trip into the Italy of the beginning of the twentieth century, which is closely based on real events, but skillfully mixed with steampunk elements, is worthwhile for beginners and text adventure veterans alike. And the successful package that has put together around it certainly makes the purchase interesting for those who have already made the journey to Cairo.

Those who are interested can get their hands on the game at ... tion_Amiga for a mere of 27 Euros!

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
35 years of gaming experience, as well as 20 years worth of Internet videos - Virtual Dimension has been dealing with the digital world for many years to report on interesting, as well as, background information. Whether that's the C64, Amiga, PC, Atari or Schneider: Virtual Dimension knows the history of computer gaming and so gives you the chance to glance backwards while at the same time looking forward to the future.

Since our last announcement, Virtual Dimension has now put the following videos online:

Movie Monster #3: Wir machen alles kaputt! (RetroPlay/C64)

Auch Godzilla hat seine Mission in Tokyo nicht abschließen können, aber immerhin haben wir uns mit dem Glog ordentlich den Wanst vollgeschlagen! Was nun? Roboter-Invasion in New York! Wir schlagen alles kurz und klein!

Master of Magic #1: Amulett der Unsterblichkeit (RetroPlay/C64)

Bei "Master of Magic" handelt es sich um ein Roguelike-Rollenspiel auf dem C64. Und dass die hier vorliegenden Brotkasten-Version ein ganz anderes Spiel ist als die Variante auf dem PC, das mussten Dennis und Hagen vor vielen Jahren schon lernen. Stürzen wir uns in das Abenteuer und begeben uns auf (unfreiwilig) die Suche nach dem Amulett der Unsterblichkeit, in eine mystische Welt voller Magie, in der das Böse lauert...

Historyline #277: Speichern verbraucht nur Zeit! (RetroPlay/Amiga)

Noch steht der Bunker, trotz schweren Beschusses! Die Lage ist ernst, aber nicht hoffnungslos. Der Ausdruck der Begeisterung ist bei Generalfeldhagen ein wenig gewichen und macht einem grübelnden Mundwinkel Platz. Und während es in der Luft langsam eng wird, kramt Dennis ein wenig in der Box zu HistoryLine und zieht die Registrierungskarte hervor...

Amiga-Games und ein Unikat (Retro ausgepackt)

Wir packen heute wieder gemeinsam aus. Und was dabei an Schätzchen aus den unscheinbaren Kisten auftaucht begeistert die Jungs ein ums andere Mal!

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
Almost every day new videos about the Amiga are published on Youtube.

In this weekly news report we want to list these videos for you.

Of course, this is just a small selection. We don't know all the Youtube channels around the Amiga either.

So if you know any good channels on Youtube, let us know. Then we can include them to our news.

By the following links you will find a random selection of YouTube videos about the Amiga that have been published since our last news report:

Alles Spielkram: Funktioniert mein Neuzugang ? - Basics ( Amiga 500 ) Deutsch

AMIGA FACTORY: Gameplay Venus The Flytrap - World 8: Tech World - Commodore Amiga - 720 Comentado

AMIGA FACTORY: Gameplay Inca Man - Commodore Amiga - 720

A Pegasus for the rest of us - Amigos: Everything Amiga Podcast 377

Pour a Hennessy and play some Odyssey! Amigos: Everything Amiga Podcast 378

BBSindex: Amiga 37: Vortrag mit Hannes Seifert (Neo Software)

Checkmate cases: Retro Monitor Kickstarter - Apple II range usage

Checkmate cases: Kickstarter Monitor Latency testing

Checkmate cases: CGA EGA Video performance for monitor Kickstarter

Checkmate cases: Monitor in depth updated for Kickstarter

Deathstar: A small peek at QDock v1.27

Gerion79: Last Ninja 2 (Amiga) "Schau ma mal" Quickie

Bridge Strike Review for the Commodore Amiga by John Gage

Infestation (Amiga) - A Playguide and Review - by

Ms Mad Lemon: VHS Video Titling on Amiga 500 with Genlock - Designing & More Repairs

Ms Mad Lemon: Nostalgia Time Amiga VHS - Arcade Classics Coverdisk

Phaze101: AProcessing Episode 06, an Amiga Framework by Alessio Garzi aka Ozzyboshi for Demos/Intros coding

Projekt Hirnfrei: [AmigaOS][LetsPlayRetro] Oil Imperium - Deutsch - 10 - Expertisen

RETRO is the new black (Wolfgang Kierdorf): Can you turn an Amiga 500 Rev 6a into an Amiga 500+? Watch me!

Retro und Games: Gratis Amiga-C64-Atari-CPC-Spectrum (Papiermodelle)

rtiainen: Commodore Amiga demo: No Limits - 2nd Paradise (1991)

rtiainen: Commodore Amiga demo: Byterapers - Two Windows (1991)

rtiainen: Commodore Amiga demo: Awesome - Project One cracktro (1991)

rtiainen: Commodore Amiga demo: Phenomena - Screwballs (1990)

Torque: Let's Show "Simon the Sorcerer" - Am Anfang war das Intro!

Torque: Let's Show "Gobliiins" - Ein schönes Amiga Point&Click-Adventure

Torque: Let's Show "Erben der Erde" - ein Amiga Point-and-Click-Adventure mit deutscher Sprachausgabe

Yawning Angel Retro: Create menus for AMOS programs