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Let's talk about Games - Richard Löwenstein & Martin Ahman [RESHOOT R]

Youtube interview with Richard Löwenstein and Martin Ahman about their new shoot'em-up RESHOOT R for the Commodore Amiga, which was released on May 28, 2019.

The interview took place on June 1, 2019 as part of the EXTRA round, a special edition of "The next Level - the NAG gambling evening with Trebor"!


[0:03:57] Interviewblock #1 (Richard Löwenstein)
- Richard reports from the last weeks before the release of RESHOOT R
- GamersGlobal has reported about the release of RESHOOT R.
- Richard talks about the development of RESHOOT R
- What's up with the GLOBAL HERO TABLE in RESHOOT R?
- We are talking about the upcoming release of the retro GAMER special issue 1/2019 on the Commodore Amiga (release date: June 27, 2019), where unfortunately there will be no contribution to RESHOOT R.

[0:18:01] Live Let's Play - RESHOOT R (Commodore Amiga | VÖ: 28. Mai 2019)

[0:39:12] Interviewblock #2 (Richard Löwenstein)
- What is the meaning of the "R" in the end with RESHOOT R?
- What is the difference between the 3 sales versions of RESHOOT R and what else is coming?
- Richard discusses technical details about the development of RESHOOT R, as well as excerpts from his speech at RETROpulsiv 13.0

[0:58:44] Interviewblock #3 (Richard Löwenstein & Martin Ahman)
- Welcome by Martin Ahman, who comes to the conversation
- Martin tells how it came to cooperation with Richard
- Are there any plans for a third part of the RESHOOT series or extensions?
- Martin reports about the programming of the music and the sound effects of RESHOOT R
- Music comparison between RESHOOT and RESHOOT R
- Richard talks about why he's currently developing games on the Commodore Amiga and not on the C64
- How did you come up with the idea of releasing the soundtrack to RESHOOT R on CD and why did it appear before the game?
- How well has RESHOOT sold?

[1:35:39] Interviewblock #4 (Richard Löwenstein & Martin Ahman)
- What have Richard & Martin been playing lately?
- Who is behind the female voice in RESHOOT R?
- How was the communication between Richard, Martin and Kevin during the production of RESHOOT R?
- How did the special edition of the Amiga Joker (01/2017), which was published at AMIGA GERMANY 32 in October 2017, come into existence?
- Will there be a second special edition of the Amiga Joker for the 30 year old, maybe for AMIGA GERMANY 34, where Richard will also be represented?

[1:41:44] Live Let's Play - Devil Engine [Demo] (Windows PC | VÖ: 21. Februar 2019)

[2:08:03] Interviewblock #5 (Richard Löwenstein & Martin Ahman)
- Memories from Martin to the Amiga Joker
- Richard talks about his next projects and is now working full-time in game development
- thoughts on a jump 'n' run in the style of "The Great Giana Sisters" in the RESHOOT engine and console ports
- Martin is hoping for a new project with Richard while making music for a new C64 game
- We show the C64 Nuvie to RESHOOT R with the remix "Ingame SigmaZeven SIDRMX short" by SigmaZeven

[2:40:18] adoption
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