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Author: AndreasM
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Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM

- MediaPlayer: fixed out-of-window issues when compositing effects disabled in prefs:gui, but compositing still available (c) Ami603.
- MediaPlayer: fixed another bug found by ktadd when compositing being disabled in prefs:gui, while compositing still available: the content of composited video overlap other window's content (c) Hans De Ruiter
- MediaPlayer: rewritten media player's AHI part to use AHI device API, instead of AHI library API: No exclusive locks of audio hardware from Odyssey anymore with any AHI settings! (c) Capehill
- MediaPlayer: hack a bit backfill code, so when we in compositing video mode, and hit f11 to go to real fullscreen, then no left/right and bottom (when hit middle mouse button to hide player's GUI) borders visibly.
- MediaPlayer: fixed a look of 'mute' item in media player's RMB menu, which now has on/off marker just like 'control' and 'loop' items. (c) Javier.
- a bit better locale_cleanup (c) Javier
- move an opening of asyncio.library to main.cpp same as other libraries, just to make things be cleaner (thanks to Javier for an idea)
- one more user-agent for spoofing by request: iPhone OS 12.4
- changed in prefs/media "webm (vp8)" on "webm (vp8, vp9)" as we can play both. updated as well, translators need to take care of.
- add functionality to disable audio/video MP4 support in Preferences/Media (handy when one wants to save mp4 instead of playing in a browser) from 1.25 (c) Deadwood. Enabled by default the same as before. updated, translators need to take care of.


Everyone who had crashes in cairo_clip_intersect_rectangle_box() as the last function in stacktrace (visually it first one at top of stack trace) plz check that binary at top of beta06 installation:

I remember that Raziel had this kind of crashes when visit, and also Javier when visiting , and also BillBorsari when ajust settings on youtube settings. So give it a go plz, if bug is gone, i can update then cairo library in odyssey's repo.

There i just add 2 fixes from Cairo devs after they release version we use now and which fix all those issues for me. But need to be sure, so give it a go. Thanks