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03/31/2020 - Latest Amiga News

Javascript: TAWS - The Amiga Workbench Simulation 0.33
03/30/2020 - Latest Amiga News

Puzzle game: Vegetables Deluxe available for free

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
Unfortunately we have to inform you that the project "Amiga34 Reminder DVD" has been canceled by us without replacement.

The reason for this is plain and simple, we haven't received any data yet.
Even a reasonable communication in order to find a solution, unfortunately, was not possible.

That's why we decided to cancel the DVD34 project.

We cannot say whether there will ever be a replacement product.
On our part, however, probably not.

All pre-orders have already been notified by email. But we do not have an email address for all of them, and despite several attempts, some email addresses could not be deciphered.

We ask all pre-orders of the DVD to write an email to with the subject DVD34.
Please include the full name, complete address and IBAN. (Abroad please + BIC)
We will then transfer the prepaid amount to you as soon as possible.

We are sorry for the circumstances. Everyone who knows us knows that we would like to have solved the whole thing differently.

Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
On the following links you will find your other Youtube-Video about the Amiga, which were released in the last days:

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Amiga Future

Author: AndreasM
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