UAE4All, Anaglyph 3D and Overw8-bits final version released

6 Aug 2014

A new version of UA4All was released, with several bug fixed and new features and Anaglyph 3D is a tool to create stereoscopic images, both available on Bytes area.

Final version of Overw8-bits 4k intro is available on Code area.


Added Links section.

6 June 2014

Interesting webs of Amiga spanish users.


Bit a Bit TV Shows added.

5 June 2014

"Bit a Bit" was a spanish public television show from the mid 90's. Check out these tv shows here:

Bit a Bit site redesigned.

24 May 2014

New design using Get Simple CMS, easy to update, less work for me...


Overw8-bits 4k intro released.

21 May 2014

Overw8-bits is my new 4k intro for MorphOS systems, is a tribute to the 8-bits gold age (Source code included). You can download here:


UAE4All 0.31 rc3

11 Oct 2012

A new release of the MorphOS port of UAE4All, Fame cpu emulation core is working finally, a MUI interface was added to control UAE4All from Ambient. You can download here:

UAE4All 0.31 rc3 ยท Source